Marshawn Lynch Takes Beastmode Brand to NFTs, Launches Digital Collectibles

• Marshawn Lynch has filed to trademark the term “BEASTMODE” for NFTs and more.
• Lynch has said that in addition to digital memorabilia, he plans to utilize the brand to sell items authenticated by NFT.
• A sneak peek at Lynch’s trademark registration suggests plans to utilize the name to sell downloaded digital files.

Former NFL great Marshawn Lynch has recently filed to trademark the term “BEASTMODE” for a variety of goods, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based NFTs, as well as a range of NFT collectibles and digital collectibles. The trademark application was submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Jan. 20, and according to Michael Kondoudis, a USPTO-licensed trademark and patent attorney, Lynch is looking to use the term to sell downloaded digital files.

Marshawn Lynch, better known as “Beast Mode” to fans due to his penchant for barreling over defenders, first applied for the trademark in 2008, with plans to sell t-shirts to make money off the brand. This ultimately led to the development of Beast Mode Apparel, his own clothing line. Now, Lynch is taking his brand to the next level and utilizing NFTs to authenticate and sell items.

This move to NFTs is part of a larger trend of sports figures taking advantage of the growing digital asset market. Top athletes like LeBron James and Patrick Mahomes have already taken part in the NFT space, with James selling an NFT collection of artwork and Mahomes selling his own digital trading cards. Now, Lynch is joining the trend and utilizing NFTs to authenticate and sell items with the BEASTMODE brand.

It remains to be seen what types of items Lynch will be selling, but one thing is for sure: the BEASTMODE brand is sure to make an impact on the NFT market. With the application already filed to the USPTO, we will likely see the BEASTMODE brand officially enter the NFT space in the near future.